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Survivors' Pension

Survivors’ Pension is paid to a spouse and/or children of the deceased insured person under 18 or 21 years if in full time education. If a deceased insured person had no surviving spouse and children, the pension shall be paid to parents and if all are not around a family member will be paid in accordance with the inheritance Law of Tanzania

Qualifying Conditions

  • The survivors’ pension shall be paid to dependants if at the time of the death the insured person;
  • had attained pensionable age and had fi led a claim for which he/she had qualified for old age pension,
  • was entitled to invalidity pension if he/she was suffering from invalidity

Benefits Payable

The determination of the amount payable is the same as for Old Age pension but the additional percentage above 180 credits is 1.0%

The benefits payable are also the same as in the Old Age scheme, which are monthly pension, initial lumpsum and survivors’ special lumpsum for non-qualifying survivors.

Surviving Dependants

For the purpose of this part, dependants include a spouse, children under 18 or 21 years if in full time education or parents in case there is no widow and orphans.

Payment of Survivors’ Pension

The amount of pension payable shall be distributed to spouse (40%) and children (60%) or parents (100%), in case there are no spouses and children

  1. Where an insured person qualifies for retirement pension or invalidity pension he/she shall be entitled to initial lumpsum payment and monthly pension. The amount of initial lumpsum payable is equal to monthly pension times 24
  2. Where an insured person dies while receiving retirement or invalidity pension the survivors shall be entitled to a lumpsum grant equal to the monthly pension times 12.