Sunday, March 01, 2015

Welfare Scheme for Tanzanian Diaspora

Welfare Scheme for Tanzanian Diaspora (WESTADI) “The Diaspora all over the world is desperate for a cost effective, customized and reliable scheme that will bring immediate solutions to the arising endless challenges”. NSSF has now ventured into extending its services to Tanzanians living abroad through special Diaspora coverage scheme  called WESTADI


Aimed to cover all Tanzanians living  abroad ( Including Students ) 4 dependants selected by the insured person for Social Health Insurance Benefits (SHIB)  in Tanzania


Payment of prescribed premium of USD 300 per person per annum

Benefits Package

The main objective of provision of health services is to reduce a burden to Diaspora members of sending more money to cater for health expenses to their relatives back home

Health Services
  • Health services will cover insured person while in Tanzania and their four dependants left at home.
  • Health Services will include both outpatient and inpatient medical services and it will provide 100% coverage.
  • The Fund will accredit medical providers with payment modalities of capitation method for left home families, and fee per visit for the Insured person while in Tanzania.
Repatriation Services
  • The main objective of provision of Repatriation services is to curb the high demand for costs coverage to send human remains back home (Tanzania)
  • The services will cover the Insured person in Human remains
  • The services will cover the cost of human remains and one accompanied person to Tanzania
  • The average costs for repatriation shall be subject to ascribed maximum and not dependent of the specific country.
Burial Services
  • The scheme will cover costs of burying deceased insured person who opted to be buried in respective Diaspora country
  • The costs to be covered will be subject to ascribed maximum and not dependent of the specific country.
Qualifying condition

The insured person has to be current on premium remittance


Registration is done online through NSSF Website under WESTADI Link

Premium Remittance

Remittance is done online under specific links of remittance platforms such as PayPal.


Health Insurance services
  • A dependents to choose a hospital that are within the Accredited hospitals in their respective Regions and the service to begin  immediately after the confirmation of premium remittance by the Insured Person
  • Dependents to visit a nearby NSSF office across the country for Health Service subscription process
  • The service will stop once the Insured person ceases to remit premium
Repatriation Services
  • The next of keen to notify by lodging Death claim online through WESTADI link on NSSF WEBSITE
  • The next of keen to provide information of burial services once an insured person opts to be buried abroad (respective Diaspora country)