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Life is a story, work honestly to write your own -NSSF Board Chair says

-He calls on NSSF Employees to be patriotic and fair

By ReporterThe National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Board of Trustee, Chairman Ambassador Ali Iddi Siwa has called on employees of the Fund to be patriotic and professional by putting the interets of the nation first.

The board Chair said this over the weekend in Morogoro region at the launch of the new 47th NSSF Workers Council.

Speaking to Members of the Council and workers of the Fund Ambassador Siwa said life is a story and therefore it was imperative NSSF workers write a good story that will be told for decades.

Ambassador Siwa said working with patriotism and diligence contributes to creating a better story for the Fund that will be talked about for many years.

He said and it was imperative employees be committed to the common interests of the Fund and the Nation as a whole.

"Am urging you to use your work here at NSSF to create stories of your life through the Fund," he said

Ambassador Siwa emphasized the importance of job integrity and accountability as a key factor in building a strong NSSF.

He said the Fund needs people who are willing to work hard to build a good foundation that will see NSSF prosper.In another development,

Ambassador Siwa urged the Fund's management to look into working hours after work as the Fund has a number of key issues that require a lot of implementation that can only be done outside of working hours.

"I am aware that the law on employment and labor relations stipulates work for 40 hours a week. However he noted the 40 hours were not adequate for NSSF to achieve its goals," he said.

Ambassador Siwa also emphasized the importance of increasing efficiency in the workplace to achieve the Fund's targets set by working with integrity and efficiency.

"Workers should set goals and achieve them to move the Fund forward," stressed Ambassador Siwa.

Ambassador Siwa emphasized that co-operation is a matter of importance as no one will be able to work alone while making it clear that the NSSF Board of Trustees will ensure that it oversees Management and staff so that things run smoothly and efficiently within the Fund