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The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) has called on employers to effectively remit their worker’s contributions as required.

Speaking with Journalists Lulu Mengele Fund’s Public Relations and Education to Members issued the call yesterday at her NSSF Head quarter when expressing Fund’s new year greetings to members and stakeholders.

We thank our members for giving us incredible support in 2020, for this year 2021 what we expect from employers is on time remittance of all workers contributions as per legal requirements. Lulu says

Emphatically Lulu stressed that there are some employers who are avoiding to remit contributions in collaboration with some un ethical employees or they are allured by those employers to do so. This behavior is unacceptable and it won’t be tolerated.

According to Lulu failure to remit contributions is equal to economic sabotage because it creates tension and quarrels to members, and if those contributions could have been invested would help to bring economic development of the Country, also the same contributions are used by the Fund to pay benefits to members.

“timely remitting ofcontributions enable the Fund to pay benefit on time and address quarrels” Lulu says.

Expounding on that Lulu says, there are some Fund’s unethical employees citing an example to NSSF Mwanza Regional Office where Fund received an information involved one the Fund’s employee who was asking for corruption from employer.

“after we received information from our reliable source, we informed cohesive bodies and we managed to catch him”. Says

It is therefore, NSSF calls on Members and other stakeholders to immediately report to the Fund or cohesive bodies when facing or experience unethical issues pertaining to corruption.

At all NSSF offices, services are freely provided, and that paying benefits to members after duly submission of the documents including contributions is legal requirements.

Lastly Lulu made very clear that NSSF is safe and stable, they progress with strengthening operation systems and that all contributions by employers are to be made through Government Electronic Payment Gateway (GePG), NSSF doesn’t receive or allow payment of contributions by cash or cheque.

Through the Task Force, on December 2020, NSSF managed to collect Tzs. 111.37 billion just for a one month compared to 58 billion in 2018. This is the greatest achievement we have made and it’s all because we are doing the best to avoid chances for corruption. She added.