The United Republic of Tanzania

National Social Security Fund (NSSF)

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Statutory Registration

All employers are required to register with the Fund immediately after setting up an establishment. Registration is completed by filling Form NSSF/R1A which is available at any NSSF offi ce throughout Tanzania.

Registration of Branches/Departments

Employers with branches or departments are not compelled by law to register the branches/departments separately but they can do so if they wish. However, it is advisable for such employers to register their branches/departments separately for ease of direct communication between the members and the local NSSF offi ces.

Change of Employer’s Particulars

Every registered contributing employer should notify the Fund of any change of particulars such as name of employer, address, telephone numbers/fax/E-mail, opening or closure of branches/departments, business location, etc.

Transfer of Business to another Person

Where a business of a registered contributing employer is handed over to another employer, the new employer, if not registered, must be registered with the Fund immediately.

Closure of Employer’s Business

In case any employer closes down business, the employer is required to notify the nearest NSSF Office of the closure by letter so that the Fund can assess and adjust records in respect of the closed business.